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Disney Cruise Line

Disney Cruise Line Dream

Disney Cruise Lines offers a multitude of options for families to travel, relax and play together on a memorable family vacation. Currently, there are four cruise ships in their fleet: Disney Wonder, Disney Magic, Disney Dream and the Disney Fantasy (in order of oldest to newest). The Disney Magic was recently completely renovated. Each ship departs from different ports, depending on their destination. Here is a rundown of the ports and destinations:


Los Angeles, California

Vancouver, Canada


Galveston, Texas

Miami, Florida

Port Canaveral, Florida


Galveston, Texas

Miami, Florida

Port Canaveral, Florida

San Juan, Puerto Rico


Barcelona, Spain

Venice, Italy

California Coast

San Diego, California

Vancouver, Canada

Panama Canal

Los Angeles, California

Miami, Florida

San Diego, California


Barcelona, Spain

Port Canaveral, Florida

Disney Cruise at VilleFranche

Disney Cruises visit many different ports throughout North America, South America, Latin America and Europe. We have put together world maps of all the port destinations to help you see all the choices the different cruises offer. Click on the button below to see them.

Disney Cruise Port Destinations Link

Disney does offer deals and special pricing throughout the year for specific cruises. Expect to book your cruise well in advance. Cruise dates are typically announced over a year in advance. Pricing does not include travel to the departure port.

Disney Cruise Ship Lobby

Each Disney Cruise ship offers similar activities and amenities for families. You can choose a variety of time frames (2-day up to 14-day) depending on destinations. Cruises traveling to the Caribbean and Bahamas usually include a stop at Disney's private island, Castaway Cay. Disney also offers travel packages that can include a stay at Disney World before you set off on your cruise.

Some of the advice from our Parent Panel members who have cruised with Disney before is:

All four ships have a lot of dining, activities and entertainment in common, so offerings are listed by category and not ships (except entertainment). There are many choices of excursions depending on your destination. Excursions that our panel members have experienced have been rated, but we don't have ratings for all excursions available.


Each ship offers similar room options, but may not include all the choices on our list. Check the Disney Cruise Line website for specific rooms available on each ship.

Concierge Staterooms
Royal Suite with Veranda
2-bedroom Suite with Veranda
1-bedroom Suite with Veranda
Family Oceanview with Veranda

Disney Cruise Oceanview with Veranda

Oceanview Staterooms
Deluxe Family with Veranda

5 Stars Overall
Room Size & Decor
Amenities in room
Location on ship

Deluxe with Veranda

5 Stars Overall
Room Size & Decor
Amenities in room
Location on ship

Deluxe with Navigator's Veranda
Deluxe Family

Disney Cruise Oceanview Family

Inside Staterooms

Disney Cruise Inside Room

Ears Tip Stateroom Tips/Reviews: Staterooms have a lot more space than you would imagine, with room for storing luggage and such. Panel members enjoy the Deluxe Family with Veranda and the Deluxe with Veranda Staterooms as both provide extra space and being able to see outside. The Deluxe Family offers two separate bathroom spaces as well.

Overall Cruise Ratings

5 Stars Overall Cruise Experience
Cast Members
Check-out Process


Disney Cruise Animatore's Palatte

Each Disney Cruise ship offers plenty of dining options for families. Main Dining are typically dinner options, Casual Dining offers breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Quick Serves offer quick meals and snacks.

5 Stars Animator's Palate-Main Dining
Beach Blanket Buffet-Casual Dining (Wonder only)
Cabanas-Casual Dining
Carioca's-Main Dining(Magic only)
Daisy's De-Lites-Quick Serve (Magic only)
Enchanted Garden-Main Dining (Fantasy & Dream only)
Flo's Cafe-Quick Serve (Fantasy & Dream only)
Goofy's Galley-Quick Serve (Wonder only)
Lumiere's-Main Dining (Magic only)
Palo - Adult Exclusive
Parrot Cay-Main Dining (Wonder only)
Pete's Boiler Bites-Quick serve (Magic only)
Pinocchio's Pizzaria-Quick Serve (Magic & Wonder only)
Pluto's Dog House-Quick Serve (Wonder only)
Remy-Adult Exclusive (Dream & Fantasy only)
Royal Court-Main Dining (Fantasy only)
Royal Palace-Main Dining (Dream only)
Triton's-Main Dining (Wonder only)

Disney Cruise Remy

Cruise Ship Entertainment

Disney Cruise Theater

Disney's Dream
5 Stars Buena Vista Theater (Movie Theater)
Character Greets (various locations)
Disney's Believe
The Golden Mickey's
Villains Tonight
Disney's Fantasy
5 Stars Buena Vista Theater (Movie Theater)
Character Greets (various locations)
Disney's Aladdin-A Musical Spectacular
Disney's Believe
Disney Wishes
Disney's Magic
5 Stars All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin
5 Stars Buena Vista Theater (Movie Theater)
Character Greets (various locations)
Disney Dreams - An Enchanted Classic
Remember the Magic: A Final Farewell
Twice Charmed
Villains Tonight
Disney's Wonder
All Aboard: Let the Magic Begin
5 Stars Buena Vista Theater (Movie Theater)
Character Greets (various locations)
Disney Dreams - An Enchanted Classic
The Golden Mickey's
Remember the Magic: A Final Farewell
Toy Story-The Musical
Ears Tip Entertainment Tips/Reviews: The shows do a great job of engaging kids although some Panel members have felt the entertainment wasn't as spectacular as past years. Characters make regular visits to kid's clubs and throughout the ship (including some dining) which provides lots of character greeting opportunities.

Cruise Ship Activities

There are plenty of choices on each ship for onboard activities as well as activities and excursions at specific destinations. Excursions at ports as well as at Castaway Cay need to be booked beforehand and most are an additional cost. Activities onboard the ship are all included in your cruise price (unless otherwise noted) although some may require reservations. Childcare for ages 3-12 is included with your package, but the nursery for ages 3 months-3 is an additional cost. Best tip for the kid's clubs are to pre-register your kids before your cruise to save time at check-in.

Disney Cruise Oceaneer Lab

Kid's Clubs and Activities
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique (Fantasy only)
Tween Club - ages 11-14
Flounder's Reef Nursery (Wonder only)
For ages 3 months to 3 years; Reservations recommended. Additional charge
It's a Small World Nursery
For ages 3 months to 3 years; Reservations recommended. Additional charge
Muppets Adventure Club-Fantasy Only
A scavenger hunt/adventure game played throughout the ship where you find clues to help the Muppets solve a mystery
Oceaneer Club
Kid's club for ages 3-12. Each ship has different themes and pods in the Oceaneer Club - the newest on the Magic with the Avenger's Academy. Parents and child must be present during registration.
Oceaneer Lab
Kid's club connected with the Oceaneer Club that features kids activities, experiments, storytelling and creative adventures. For ages 3-12.
Studio Sea (Wonder only)
Family friendly entertainment club where parents and kids can sing, dance and play together
Teen club - ages 14-17

Disney Cruise Kids Club

Disney Cruise Oceaneer Lab

Family Lounges

These lounges are family friendly, where kids and parents can hang out, play games, and enjoy drinks or snacks. Other lounges for adults only are available on all ships, but Preschoolears does not review these.

687 (Dream only)
  Bon Voyage (Fantasy & Dream only)
5 Stars D Lounge
Evolution (Dream only)
Fathoms (Magic only)
Promenade Lounge (Magic & Wonder only)
Waves (Fantasy & Dream only)
Pools & Water Fun

Disney Cruise Aquaduck

Every ship has multiple pools and other water activities or slides that kids and parents alike will enjoy together.

Aquaduck (Dream & Fantasy only)
Aquadunk (Magic only)
5 Stars Aqualab (Fantasy & Magic only)
Donald's Pool (Dream & Fantasy only)
Goofy's Pool (Magic & Wonder only)
Mickey's Pool
Four stars Nemo's Reef (Dream & Fantasy only)
zero stars Nephew's Splash Zone (Magic only)
Quiet Cove Pool-Adults only
zero stars Wading Pool (Fantasy only)

Disney Cruise Aquadunk

Disney Cruise Pools

Spa and Fitness

Disney Cruise Spa

Goofy's Sports Deck (Dream & Fantasy only)
Fitness Center
5 Stars Senses Spa & Salon (Dream, Fantasy & Magic)
zero stars Vista Spa & Salon (Wonder only)
Virtual Sports Simulators (Dream only)
Wide World of Sports (Magic & Wonder)

Castaway Cay Island

Disney Cruise Castaway Cruise

Disney's private island is called Castaway Cay and certain cruises, mainly those visiting the Bahamas and Caribbean, will stop at the island as one of their port destinations. This island offers beaches and tons of outdoors activities for families of all ages.

Disney Cruise Mickey at Castaway Cay

Castaway Cay overall
Character Greets on the island
zero stars Gil's Fins & Boats
zero stars Offshore Recreation at Marge's Barges
Pelican Plunge
Scuttle's Cove
Four stars Serenity Bay (adult exclusive beach)
zero stars Snorkeling Lagoon
zero stars Water Sports
Island Excursions

Disney Cruise Parasail

Extreme Getaway Package
Castaway Ray's Stingray Adventure
5 Stars Parasailing
zero stars Watercraft Ski Adventure
Walking & Kayaking Nature Adventure

Disney Cruise Stingrays at Castaway Cay


Each destination and port offers different excursion options to choose from. You can choose as many or none at all for your cruise. All excursions require reservations in advance. Since there are so many choices of excursions, we will only list the excursions that our Parent Panel members have experienced.

Nice/Monte Carlo 8-hour excursion - part of the Mediterranean Cruise. Fantastic tour that provides free time in Nice to enjoy champagne and fresh strawberries, as well as explore the city and beach. Also enjoy the beautiful sites of Monte Carlo including the Grand Casino.
zero stars Palma/Mallorca (beach transfer only)
Part of the Mediterranean Cruise. The beach only transfer is recommended as Mallorca is best known for their beaches. The sand is like powder and the Mediterranean is very warm. Not crowded with tourists and lots of cute shops along the beach. Very relaxing and easy to do.
Dolphin Kids at Dolphinaris, Cozumel
Part of the Western Caribbean cruise. Kid-friendly dolphin encounter including touching and interacting with dolphins in a protected cove. Getting to this excursion is a bit of a task, but the experience is amazing!
Four stars Family Beach Day at Tiki Beach, Grand Caymans
zero stars
Part of the Western Caribbean cruise. Enjoy a family day at Tiki Beach, part of beautiful Seven Mile Beach. The only downside with this excursion is it takes a long time and lots of "group" time to get there, which is what brings the rating down. The beach is beautiful and great fun.